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Pamper Package from Newcastle Hair & Beauty Clinic

As usual Newcastle Hair and beauty Clinic have come up with a combined package that it’ll be hard to resist.  This time it’s three treatments from a simple menu for a grand total of £50 and with ten treatments to choose from, you really are spoilt for choice.

Top of my list are the Crystal Clear Facial, the Decleir Aurabsolu Power Boost Facial (smells divine!) and a back massage but with beauty essentials on there like leg / bikini waxing and brow / lash tinting, there literally is something for everyone.

See you there!

Pixie x

To book visit Newcastle Hair & Beauty Clinic or call 0191 2322800


British Hairdressing Awards 2015


HY Men's Hairdresser of the Year winning collection

Gary Hooker & Michael Young, founders of successful North East hairdressing group Hooker & Young have nurtured North Eastern hairdressing talent since their first salon opened its doors and many have gone on to win prestigious awards in hairdressing.

hooker and young head and shoulders

2015 is no different for the successful duo after discovering that Marcus King of the Wynyard salon last night scooped the North East Mens Hairdresser of the Year Award in the Regional Category, the twosome themselves also took home the Internationally renowned British Men’s Hairdresser of the Year 2015 award at a star studded glittering event in London hosted by David Walliams.


Gary Hooker quoted “The British Hairdressing awards are the most prestigious in the hairdressing industry and they are recognised worldwide. Michael and I are delighted to have such talent in our salon group and we are immensely proud of our team. It continues to be our top priority to to train, teach and encourage creativity. This is superb news for the North East and the UK and incredible for our clients and future clients”.

Huge congratulations guys, it’s a well deserved win for the best coiffed duo in the business and a huge win for the North East!  You know I loves ya!

Pixie x

Hooker & Young have salons across the North East at Wynyard, Jesmond, Ponteland, Darlington and Gosforth, address details of your closest salon can be found on their website.

To join the conversation use #BHA2015 on social media.

Black Friday at Newcastle Hair & Beauty Clinic

As you know Black Friday is almost upon us and I’m sure you’ll be subscribed to all sorts of sites which scour the web for deals (Ashleigh Money Saver anyone?)  Well, while you’re looking out for big deals on electronics, gadgets and toys, have you thought to look at what discounts there are to be had on hair and beauty?

Our good friends over at Newcastle Hair and Beauty Clinic have a stellar offer on for Black Friday and guess what?  it’s not just a day of deals, it’s a whole week crammed full of festive goodness and an offer not to be missed.

If you’re beautifying for the festive period then consider this: You can choose any three treatments from the above menu for the all inclusive price of £40.  If you have work Christmas parties on the horizon then this is not to be sniffed at!

The salon has been completely Christmassified and will be putting on festive food and drink throughout the week and I’ve even put in a request for some Christmas music because it’s not really Christmas without Mariah and Shakin’ Stevens right?

To book call the salon on 0191 2322800

Don’t say I never give you anything.

Pixie x



A-List Hair

Well #Voyeurs, I only went and blinking done it…… I made an appointment to get my hair cut, and I kept it!

As you know, I’ve had some hair troubles recently, you only have to read my recent hair related post to feel my pain.  Basically, too much bleach, heat and over processing left my tresses in a bad way and in desperate need of quite a drastic overhaul.  I enlisted the help of celebrity hairdresser Neville Ramsay and Milk_Shake Hair UK to do the deed and after being told by Neville to “man up” I knew I was in the right hands - I like a man who can manage by ridiculous compulsion to be over dramatic.

Neville assessed my hair and recommended we cut it into a very blunt, straight bob to take as much of the dead weight out of it as possible without going too short for my face shape.  Neville knows I love to experiment with colour and so we decided to take it to a slate blue / grey colour using Milk_Shake UK strengthening toners (don’t worry, there’s no bleach involved, they don’t mess with the structural integrity of your hair, they simply wash in and out).  Neville is a Milk_Shake UK Ambassador and their Whipped Cream Leave In conditioner comes highly recommended by Neville, hailed as the brands “Hero Product” Neville says he uses it on clients at every opportunity.  Part of the z-one concept group, milk_Shake is a young, dynamic Italian haircare company offering professional hair and beauty products worldwide to both salons, and people like you and I who just want to see our hair back in tip-top condition.  If you know me personally you’ll know that I work out a lot and that on it’s own takes it’s toll on my hair.

Ok, back to the story of my recent bravery……. We started by prepping the hair with shampoo, no conditioner, then mixed up equal parts toner and Whipped Cream conditioner before applying it to my hair at the basin, after five minutes, the excess was removed with a towel.  We agreed (me - reluctantly) that a bob would work for my face shape and lifestyle and would certainly be more modern and on trend than my previous grown out style.

I’ll be honest with you, the rest of my time in A List Salon was a bit of a blur, given that I’m a complete and utter drama queen when it comes to having my haircut, I remember blind panic, hyper ventilating and lots of whinging ( all from me of course), and then being shown the finished product…..


I have to say that given the amateur dramatics and hullabaloo I created, I actually really like this style on me.  I’d convinced myself that short hair wasn’t for me and probably wouldn’t have tried it had I not damaged my hair so badly in the first place, It’s still long enough to tie back and I can still get my signature gym pigtails in, but the biggest difference is in the condition.  Neville sent me away with a Milk_Shake UK gift pack containing shampoo, conditioner and Whipped Cream Leave In Conditioner and told me to keep up the in salon treatments but absolutely no bleaching whatsoever, and no cutting until February next year!

So, who knows what’s inshore for me next February but with all this courage and bravery, I think I deserve some sort of medal, or at the very least a sticker……

Pixie x

Huge thanks to Neville Ramsay and Joni Voladares for looking after me at A-List Salons in Sunderland, thanks also to Milk_Shake Hair UK for providing me with products to maintain my new style and colour.

To make an appointment with Neville call the salon on 0191 510 9988


Let’s Talk Hair….

Ok, random post I know but I figure if I put this on record then it’s sewed into the fabric of time and I’ll be committed to whatever I write….

So, you all know I hammer my hair, with bleach, colour, flat irons, heat, you name it, if it’s a method of processing then it’s likely to have been somewhere near my hair and left its mark. Recently more than ever - entirely my fault as I’m obsessed with changing up my style but it really has taken its toll.  So much so in fact that I’m going to have to do something very, very drastic. *Sadface*

You’re familiar with my hair by now right?  Pretty long, highlighted blonde, very thick and coarse yada, yada, yada….  well fast forward to today and it’s a thin dry mess that resembles split straw and often on a morning looks a bit like a haystack.  Thinning out at the bottom from too much bleach and snapping all over from over processing and styling, in fact, Sparky told me recently that it looks like two hairstyles, one on top of the other :-/

Ok.  So my options, which are limited, are:

  1. Shave my head.  Obviously in my head I’d look urban cool like Charlize Theron in Fury Road but in reality?  Probs not so much.  Moving on….
  2. Drastic chop, I’m thinking a cute little Sienna Miller type bob, obvs in my head I’ll be leaving the salon looking exactly like Sienna Miller, face, body, hair and all, but in reality?  Probs not so much.  (But I would have good hair…)
  3. Leave it and struggle on.  Not really an option as I’ve been told by my nearest and dearest that I look horrendous and as a Fashionista I should remedy that…..

Soooooo…..  It’s got to be Option 2 right?  Cute little Sienna Miller bob, which means lopping off A LOT of hair, granted it’s hair you couldn’t give away for wigs it’s so bad but it’s still a lot and it’s like a security blanket to me.  Eek.  Hence the post, I HATE having my hair cut, so much so I close my eyes and will myself not to cry whilst it’s happening and I often don’t follow through with my intentions so, If i put it out there, you guys can hold me accountable right?  And as you can see from the lead image above, I’ve given the Faux Bob a try and I’m not crying in that picture….

Just to give you an idea of what we’re looking at, in a matter of weeks, I’m hoping to go from this:

To this:

Well #Voyeurs, it’s out there now, which I believe means I have a legal obligation to deliver on my promise right?  Unless any persons here present know of any lawful reason why I should not lop off at least six inches of my precious hair….?  Anyone….?

Answers on a postcard, or just in a comment, but you’ll have to be quick - my appointment is booked……

Pixie x


The Big Hair Do Newcastle & An Exclusive Offer….

Welcome to the Big Hair Do (#bighairdo) an event that’s taking place from 6.30pm on Thursday 24th September brought to you by Creative HEAD magazine.

Big Hair Do is essentially one big, fat party for participating salons across the country to celebrate and reward their clients.  They want you to try out new, must have products, get your hair done, eat, drink and be merry whilst getting hair advice from your favourite hair stylists.

With goody bags including full size products, live treatments and style overhaul advice on offer, there’s every reason to get yourself booked in to one of these events and in the North East we’re lucky enough to have two participating salons for you to choose from:

Collective Hairdressing, Northumberland Street, Newcastle.

Hooker & Young, Jesmond, Newcastle.

Online booking for these events has now closed, however, I happen to have 10 exclusive tickets available for the event at Collective Hairdressing available to the first 10 people to email me at or message me via the website either through the contact form or by commenting on this post, remember, everyone who attends will leave with a goody bag.

Ready, set, go……..

Pixie x



Bassu Lifestyle Event

In the small but perfectly formed North East market town of Morpeth, tucked neatly behind a clock tower, you’ll find Bassu Wellness Salon and Store - one of the few Aveda salons in the North East.  Known for its eco-friendly and all natural skin and haircare products, Aveda has a select few salons across the UK on its roster and has a strict education programme for salons who want to affiliate with the brand.

“Our mission at Aveda is to care for the world we live in, from the products we make to the ways in which we give back to society. At Aveda, we strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility, not just in the word of beauty, but around the world” - Aveda Mission Statement

Bassu has been in Morpeth for just over a year and it’s been a welcome addition to Morpeth’s collection of quirky high street shops and the town’s beloved department store, Rutherfords.  Clients have flocked to the upmarket salon from far and wide and to reward their loyalty, Bassu recently held a Lifestyle Event in the salon after hours.

As I’m fresh out of hospital, I threw on my favourite Maison Margiela oversized shirt for comfort and Chanel boots ready for the trip to picturesque Morpeth.  When I arrive, I’m greeted at the door by Rob and his team and a glass of pink champagne (natch), the salon is contemporary cool personified - with ash toned wood and a centrepiece of sections, it utilises the space effectively, creating zones within the salon.  It’s hard not to be enticed by the huge range of Aveda products on display as I enter and the smell from the Scentsy warmers around the salon is divine.  With cool blue and grey tones, it’s hard not to feel relaxed in this urban oasis.

The Lifestyle Event aims to introduce new, curious clients to the Creative Team and their suite of talents, but to also offer existing clients a chance to see and try something they may not have considered before.  The team have recruited in existing clients as models for the event in order to demonstrate leading hair techniques such as all natural colouring, crazy colouring, braiding and even hair extensions.

At Bassu, each member of the Creative Team is well equipped with a knowledge of hair cutting and colouring techniques, however here, they each have their own area of interest and specialty, from the Hair Enhancement Specialist to the Master Stylist, they all have a niche so that when clients call up to book, they know exactly who to book in with to get the perfect style for them.  Staff here are conscientious too, you get the impression that they want you to be able to create your own masterpiece confidently every day after you’ve left the salon, this is evident as I hear one Stylist advising a young girl that bleach would be a bad idea as it would strip her hair further and that they should work together to build up the hair from inside first. - it’s a refreshing outlook.

Owner and Director Rob Wood tells me that Bassu work closely with other local businesses in order to cater for all style and lifestyle needs, Kate Sparrow of KBeautique is the Team’s go-to Make-Up Artist when it comes to shoots and shows and she’s present at the Lifestyle Event showcasing her skills to anyone who fancies a sit-down and a chat.  Andrea and Amanda from The light and Wellbeing Centre in Bedlington are also on hand giving advice on combatting stress and general well being, proving that the team at Bassu well and truly have your back.

After watching several clients arrive and go through a complete hair and make up transformation, I’m sold, and as you know I’m always up for a change in hair colour so I promptly book in with Chris Summerly, Bassu’s Master Stylist and newest recruit for later in July.  He’s hip, stylish and has good hair (obvs) so I feel comfortable that I’m in good hands.
If you’re looking for a style update or fancy a complete overhaul, then it’s worth checking out Bassu - with Aveda lending their name to a salon you know you’ll be in god company and with a complimentary hand massage with every hair colour, what’s not to love?!
Pixie x
Stay tuned for my cut and colour post at Bassu later in July.
To book an appointment or consultation at Bassu call the team on 01670 457171 or email
Full pricelist of Bassu services.

Hooker & Young Darlington’s 5th Birthday!

It’s hard to believe that Hooker and Young have been coiffing the hair of the trendy folk in the North East and further afield for nineteen years together as a brand.  With five hair salons across the breadth of the North East region, one of which also offers beauty treatments, this dedicated duo have you covered for all your hair and beauty needs.  Between them, they’ve racked up a fair few awards and continue to do so as they push their brand into new territory, with a Schwarzkopf collaboration on the cards it seems there’s no stopping the force that is Hooker and Young.


The great thing about the pair is that they’ve stayed true to their roots.  Despite having five salons and a management team, the pair still show up to work everyday, they still cut and colour hair and are involved in the day to day running of the salon, both still take on new clients and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and remember where it all began.

The reason for this particular post is to celebrate the Hooker and Young Darlington Salon’s fifth birthday.  I absolutely love a good get together with Gary and Michael and so threw on a Maison Margiela oversized denim shirt, Victoria’s Secret camouflage socks and a pair of Chanel boots and made the trip to Darlington to catch up with my favourite Northern Hair Pair.

Never ones to shy away from a fabulous event, the dashing duo together with their PR maestro, Houndgate Townhouse, pulled together an amazing birthday bash to help them celebrate in style.

Bloggers, local celebrities, press and Hooker and Young clients were invited along to the salon after hours where staff from Houndgate Townhouse served bespoke cocktails created especially for the event and Angela Metcalfe, La Di Da magazine’s resident gin expert was on hand to facilitate gin tasting with a rather exotic selection for party-goers to try.

Stella and Dot provided a pop up shop for the evening showcasing a variety of covetable costume jewellery and there were beauty demonstrations including HD Brows by resident beauty expert Kelly Covell from Hooker and Young’s Ponteland salon.

Downstairs in the salon there were quick hair makeovers available for clients, all done by a GHD representative using the latest tools offered by the brand including the GHD Curve and the soon to be released GHD Platinum flatiron (it’s awesome, trust me!) and there were exclusive discounts available for shoppers on the night.

I caught up with vineyard owner and Man-About-Town Krispian Lloyd who told me that the event was a great way for Hooker and Young to bring clients into their world and thank them for their custom over the years and he’s absolutely right, it’s a great way for a brand to connect with people in a relaxed environment.


At the end of the evening, all clients left with a goodie bag containing mini Kerastase hair products and samples of a new Schwarzkopf hair oil, and some may even have left with a fuzzy head after loading up on cocktails and gin, all I know is that I had a great night, (man, these guys know how to throw a party).  So here’s to the next five years guys, chin chin!

Pixie x



Blo Me Dry

I’ve been spending a lot of time in London recently for Graduate Fashion Week and LCM and the show schedule has been hectic (just the way I like it).  The last few weeks have seen me running around all over London with barely time to stop to rest my weary feet.  So, to save me time and effort, I’ve been visiting Blo Blow Dry Bar in Covent Garden to be primped and preened and ready to take my place on the FROW.

The blow dry bar is a relatively new concept to the UK and the last few years has seen them popping up in major cities all over the country, however Blo is a little different.  There’s no dyeing, no cutting, in fact no scissors of any kind; this is a salon dedicated to the art of the blow dry and other artistic finishing techniques.  Hugely successful in the States and endorsed by none other than Gwyneth Paltrow, Blo prides itself on making clients look and feel great, their ethos is simple: Wash, Blow & Go.

The salon offers a set menu of blow dry options, from the smooth straight lines of the Executive Sweet to the plumped up curls of the Holly Would, there’s something here to suit every face shape and every hair type.  Located in the basement area of Covent Garden’s Market Piazza, just minutes from the tube station the salon is cool and contemporary in feel, operating a simple but effective colour pallete of fuchsia and white which runs across all of their branding.  When I arrive at the salon I’m greeted by a gorgeous girl covering front of house with an uber wide smile and amazing hair (natch).

The reason I’m here is to check out the newly introduced Braid Menu, perfect for Festival Season there are a range of styles to choose from, each incorporating different braiding techniques and each dramatically different, from the Russian Princess styling of the Crowning Glory halo braid to the fashionable Fishtail braid.

For Graduate Fashion Week I opt for a Crowning Glory Halo Braid, it’s pretty hot out and I have a lot of running around to do so I figure this will keep me cool and looking slightly less frazzled.

IMG_6472 3

My Creative Stylist Michaela gets to work telling me that braiding is her favourite thing to do, particularly the Crowning Glory braid because it looks different on everyone”.  She tells me that typically a clients hair is washed and dried in the salon before being styled however because my hair can be slippy when freshly washed, I opt for my braid to be put in from dry.  Literally within minutes Michaela has worked her magic to create a gorgeous halo braid perfect for Graduate Fashion Week.  She pulls at the braid to “fatten” it up and give it more of a messy, undone look and then uses a tail comb to pull some tendrils out from the front which she gently waves using a GHD Curve.  In no time at all I have a completed style in less time than it would have taken me to wash and dry my own hair, perfect!

A week later, I’m still in London and my schedule is off the chain as LCM is now underway so I decide to pay Blo another visit for another amazing plaited creation - It’s another red hot day and the last thing I need is my hair sticking to my face!  I arrive at the salon and am instantly recognised by the girl at front of house and am seated straight away.  With Tasha, my Creative Stylist today, I decide on a French Fishtail braid with a brushed back front, think Elsa from Frozen and you’re on the right track.  That’s one of the great things about Blo; if there’s something you have in mind the Stylists will work with you to create an amazing and unique look tailored specifically to your hair.

Tasha preps my hair and pins the top section of my hair up before starting to fishtail braid the lower section.  Again, within minutes she’s created an intricate French Fishtail braid, with the top section she backcombs and sets it into place before pulling out some thin sections at the front and waving them with the GHD Curve.

If you’re planning a trip London to catch a show, go shopping or just for a City break, I’d highly recommend booking an appointment at Blo, you’ll be pampered whilst you’re there and you’ll leave with a fashion forward style that’ll turn heads during your visit and make you the envy of your friends back home when you share your selfies.  If you live and work here in London then check out the Blo Breakfast Club, you need never have a flustered morning again!


The salon can also be booked for Batchelorette Parties and Pamper Parties and pretty much anything else you might want to do with a group of your best girlfriends, owner Irina is big on girl power and loves seeing the transformations in clients from when they arrive to when they leave.  With gift cards available, you’re able to gift a blow dry or an up do and speaking from experience, the last thing you want to do when you’re out of town is have the added hassle of doing your hair so it’s a win all round for me!  Who knows, maybe I’ll see you there….

Pixie x

Click Here to book a blow dry or braid at Blo and get 10% off your first visit.

Blo is at:

34 The Market (Covent Garden – lower courtyard)
The Piazza, London
United Kingdom WC2E 8RE

To book a blo out or just chat about
your fringe, call +44 (0) 207 836 5115
or email

Monday to Wednesday 7am to 8pm
Thursday to Saturday 7am to 9pm
Sunday 11am to 5pm

*Open as early as 7am by appointment.