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Dermaroller Vs Laser Skin Treatment: A Guide

Can Dermaroller Do Everything Lasers Can Do?

With so many skin treatments on the beauty market these days, it’s hard to decipher which one is best for your skin type, and whether the benefits are real, or just hype. Short of resorting to surgery, there are a select few procedures which are known to make a difference to the regeneration rate of our skin, which in turn improves the opinion and as you might expect, with names like “Dermaroller” and “Laser Resurfacing” these treatments can sound very high tech if not a little scary….

So, the question of whether to have Dermaroller (micro-needling) treatment or a laser procedure is one you may or may not have been pondering, if you’re looking to try to improve your skin and aren’t sure which treatment to choose, let me break it down for you. It can be really hard to choose between the two, especially if you don’t know what their capabilities and limitations are. So, can Dermaroller do everything lasers can do?

The Short Answer is No, it Can’t
Here comes the science: It’s important to understand that Dermaroller is a single type of treatment. It involves having a hand-held roller tool covered in small needles rolled over your skin, eek! Sounds barbaric right? Wrong, It’s actually not half as bad as it sounds.
The intention is for the micro-needling process to damage your skin just enough that your body will start to defend itself by fixing not only the new holes created by the needles, but whatever existing skin problems you may have had, fine lines and wrinkles included.

Laser treatments, on the other hand, can come in a variety of forms. Each type of laser serves a different purpose. Combine that with their pinpoint accuracy, and you have a recipe for treating a huge variety of skin problems. For example, ablative laser devices don’t drill columns in the skin like Dermaroller needles. Instead, they act in a similar way to a chemical peel, getting rid of the top layer of skin, which is mostly made up of dead cells anyway, think of it as a super powered vacuum cleaner unveiling fresh, new skin underneath.

Fraxel Laser Treatment and Dermaroller Treatment Create Very Similar Results
Even so, there are certain forms of aesthetic laser equipment that do drill those holes, similarly to how Dermaroller treatments do, but without needles. Instead, they use focus beams of light and heat. They are called Fraxel laser treatments, yes, we’re getting technical but bear with me…

So, why is it that some people prefer Dermaroller?
Given the fact that many people are afraid of needles and the fact that lasers are so versatile, you’re probably wondering why people choose Dermaroller at all. The answer to that is that the best treatment depends on more than just how the treatments work.

Every person’s skin is different, and everyone deals with multiple skin issues. Those can include dark spots, flaky patches, acne scars, dry skin, oily skin, etc. So, even if you want to treat a specific issue, such as fine lines and wrinkles, you always have to consider the bigger picture before making such a big decision.

Laser Treatments Do Have Their Limitations
Although they might seem like the perfect fix for everything, laser treatments do have limits. For instance, many of them work better on light coloured skin, although there are some which work on darker skin tones. So, if you are thinking about laser therapy, you need to be sure that you’re picking one that’s right for your skin tone. Something to be mindful of is that oily skin can sometimes react badly to laser treatment, as could certain other skin conditions. (There are contra-indications to any beauty treatment Voyeurs!)

Always Consult an Expert Before Deciding
It sounds obvious but do your research.  Not only can an expert help you to choose between Dermaroller and laser treatments, but they can also tell you about options you may not have considered.  Whether it’s sound wave therapy, chemical peels, or Botox injections, it’s important, and certainly relevant to discuss all of the choices available to you before you settle on one skincare method in particular.  That way you can increase your odds of making your skin look healthy again, feel confident about its appearance and be certain that you made the right decision.

So Voyeurs, now you’ve done the research, you can make an informed decision about which skin treatment is best for you personally.

Pixie x

Universal Contour Wrap

Well it’s official, we’re into December; a  month of Christmas parties and doing everything we love to excess.  If you’ve overdone it already or you have a slinky little party dress to get into then I may just have the perfect treatment for you….

Voyeurs, I give you the Universal Contour Wrap - hugely popular in the eighties and nineties with housewives and fitness fanatics the world over, this treatment is having a bit of a revival.  In a nutshell the Universal Contour Wrap is pretty similar to mummification, minus the grizzly death.  You’re GUARANTEED an inch loss result globally of 6″ and anything above this is a bonus, what’s better is that if you’re sensible, you can maintain it for 30 days or more.


During my time at New York fashion Week in September and even the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in London last year, the backstage buzz amongst the models was, yes, you guessed it: the Universal Contour Wrap.  With models stating the benefits of the Wrap in addition to their gruelling workout schedules as skin tightening and toning.

Don’t get me wrong, these girls don’t owe their bodies to this treatment, but it’s undoubtedly used for its awesome and undeniable benefits.  Whether it’s to give skin a glossy sheen, a firm touch or to shift an extra couple of inches before a big event, this treatment is about to be back on your radar in a big way.



The Classic Body Wrap is a full body treatment taking around two hours and is always performed by a therapist trained in the specific process.

  1. Before the treatment, your therapist will measure you at particular points on the body.
  2. Bandages which have been pre-soaked in a Clay Solution are then applied using specialist wrapping techniques.
  3. You then wear Vinyl suit to keep warm while you lie back and relax for an hour while the treatment gets to work.
  4. After 60 minutes your bandages are removed, your therapist will re-measure and deliver your inch loss result.

Fresh from Fashion Month, I hit up Newcastle Hair and Beauty Clinic to try out the Universal Contour Wrap and found it surprisingly relaxing.  I was meticulously measured at specific points which were marked with a pen so that the exact same points could be remeasured.  Then, wrapped neck to toe in bandages and wearing what can only be described as a spacesuit, I fell asleep for 45 minutes and was gently woken up when it was time to remove the bandages.

I was warned in advance that I was unlikely to see a huge inch loss result - I’m training for a boxing bout and currently shredding - but both myself and my lovely therapist Kayleigh were shocked to see that I’d actually lost a total of 7.5″ all over.  Something neither of us were expecting, me out of mild skepticism and Kayleigh out of fear there was nothing to lose.

As well as the unexpected inch loss, I can honestly say that after this treatment, my skin has never felt better.  All the Tom Ford Oud Wood Body Lotion in the world can’t replicate the effect this wrap has on your skin - toned, tightened and silky smooth but also with a soft sheen which lasts for days.  I can see why the Victoria’s Secret Angels are hooked.

Interested?  Of course you are!  Newcastle Hair and Beauty Clinic in the heart of the city are offering this treatment for just £55 and better still, they have availability in the run up to Christmas.  What’s that you say, how do you contact them?  Give them a call on 0191 2322800 and get your party dress ready.

Pixie x





The Best Wax in Newcastle…..

You know by now that I’m a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to waxing, particularly that of the intimate variety (Sorry if you’re reading this Dad but this is real important stuff), so when an opportunity crops up to try out a new place then provided it’s using hot wax rather than strip wax, I’m absolutely in.

I’ve favoured the “Hollywood” (that’s everything off folks) since the 90’s (talk about jumping on a beauty trend right?!) and living in London I shared my amazing Brazilian waxer with Victoria Beckham, Sienna Miller and countless other celebrities, indeed Otylia Roberts was, and still is known as one of the best hot waxers in the world.  When I relocated back to the North East this left me with a bit of an issue, largely existing as a six weekly trip to London for my fix.

Fast forward to right now and the North East is all over the Brazilian / Hollywood waxing “trend” with dedicated waxing salons opening up and existing beauty salons adding the service to their treatment menu’s.  When Newcastle Hair & Beauty Clinic invited me to  road test their Lycon Hollywood wax, they didn’t have to ask twice……


I arrived at the clinic and was introduced to Alex, my therapist for the afternoon.  After being shown to a super cute and kitsch floral treatment room, Alex gave me instructions usually reserved for the OBGYN clinic: Undress my lower half and cover up with the towel provided.

Now for anyone new to this type of procedure, this is totally standard; you have to understand that to get a perfectly clean finish, you have to be sans underwear, it’s just that simple.  Alex is an absolute pro - she understands that clients often book this particular appointment with trepidation and she instantly makes you feel at ease.  There’s no awkwardness, it’s not uncomfortable at all, she tells me that she’s done it for so long now it’s the same as doing an eyebrow shape or a leg wax, it’s all about precision and providing the best service possible.  So far so good.

Lets pause for an interlude; the wax Alex is using today is Lycon wax.  If it’s not on your radar or already part of your beauty regimen then familiarise yourself with it because you’re going to like this one - It’s very different to traditional strip wax, where the wax is applied to the skin and a cotton strip is used to remove it, removing the very top layer of skin cells with it.  When it comes to intimate waxing, strip waxing can be tricky, the same area shouldn’t be covered twice meaning that if the hair isn’t removed in one go, you’ve got a problem….

Enter Lycon Precision Waxing.  Using only the finest resins, natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils, Lycon delivers superior performance, removing stubborn hair as short as 1mm.  The area being waxed is treated first and then the hot wax is applied directly to the hair, the wax then shrink wraps around the hair meaning that only the hair is removed and not the skin.  Once set, the wax is pulled away from the skin without the need for fabric strips, it means that large areas can be done quickly and because Lycon Hot Waxes can be re-applied to the same area many times there’s no skin trauma or irritation and I can honestly say that it’s relatively pain free.

So, back to Newcastle Hair & Beauty Clinic, as Alex gets to work, she chats the whole time about anything and everything, from tattoos to dungarees from Topshop, we could be in the line for the checkout at Tesco it’s so relaxed and within a mere twenty minutes I’m done.  On a whim I decide to have my legs and underarms waxed whilst I’m there and before long I’m smooth all over and feeling inspired to book a holiday.  There’s no stickiness or residue that’s often associated with waxing treatments and no redness so I’m good to go.


If you’re a regular hot waxer, a current strip waxer or a wax virgin just looking to take the plunge then I’d highly recommend Newcastle Hair & Beauty Clinic for several reasons:  1. It’s an uber professional service, there’s no awkwardness, these girls have seen it all before and just want to make you comfortable and give you the treatment you booked in for.  2. Situated above Superdrug on Northumberland Street, it’s a central location in Newcastle city centre meaning that you can be in and out in between hitting the shops and sipping an Americano, no biggie.  3. This is the clincher: This is without doubt, the best hot wax in Newcastle, if not the North East - trust me, I’ve done the research and even had the bruises to prove it. :-/

So, if you want a piece of the action, get yourself booked in with Alex but don’t go telling everyone, it’ll be our little secret, right?

Pixie x

To book an appointment at Newcastle Hair & Beauty Clinic call 0191 2320411


Ladies Pamper Evening, As You Like It

I was invited to a Ladies Pamper Evening this week at eclectic nightspot As You Like It in Jesmond, given that it’s one of my favourite hang outs I jumped in with both feet.  As You Like It is an amazing venue set on the outskirts of Newcastle and spread over three floors, each offering a different vibe.  Quirky and cosy, AYLI claims to be “Newcastle’s most beautiful restaurant” and it’s easy to see why; attention to detail is huge here, right down to the floral wallpaper and perfectly mismatched chairs, it’s no wonder it was once voted “seventh sexiest restaurant in the world” by The Observer.


The event was held downstairs in Frangipani, a “chintz free function room” which still offers an intimate feel despite being a large space.  I worked a hard Seventies look (very Tom Ford) and I swished through the door, all leopard print blouse and vintage denim skirt still sporting straightened hair from an earlier photoshoot.  I arrived to a warm welcome and a Cherry Bomb cocktail in a vintage style jam jar glass so was already winning before the event had even begun.  The room opened out into a softly lit pop up boutique for the evening with stalls from Salisa UK, Love Niche and even Ann Summers.

IMG_1015  10944836_423875627817956_7468495888497872496_n 11150218_423875674484618_4060738410633321809_n

On the outside edge of the room, a brand called Salisa offering a selection of scarves, accessories, clothing and jewellery, all with a very Mint Velvet vibe about it.  Think sports luxe in a cool neutral palette that spans all ages.  Soft touch fabrics and gorgeous buttery soft suede bags invited clients to touch them and owner, Lisa Woodrow was on hand to talk clients through the collection and offer styling advice.  She tells me that her items are stocked in a number of boutiques and stores throughout the region but the bulk of the collection is carried in a small courtyard space just off Sidegate Gallery in Sunniside.  If easy-to-wear separates in soft muted tones are your thing, then it’s worthwhile looking into Salisa a little further.

1476197_423875954484590_7973773479327583422_n 11113116_423875607817958_2160556903086947254_n

In the centre of the space; Love Niche.  We’ve come to know and love this brand, designed by owner Nisha Vedhara, for bringing the glamour and the collection on display today doesn’t disappoint.  Nisha has brought along a super stylish selection of resort wear that wouldn’t look out of place in Monte Carlo Private beach Club, all of which are her own designs and all are equally fabulous.  There’s also a table of accessories which has all bases covered, from snake necklaces through to book style handbags and patterned scarves.  The less expensive diffusion line, Love Niche London is also available to purchase here too and is crowded with Jesmonds Fashion Set for most of the night.

11074996_423875874484598_6064440119880387905_n 11149402_423875911151261_5508093141811042239_n 11032011_423876307817888_2595119524513044671_n

Mini beauty treatments were also on hand from the girls at City Retreat, Jesmond and these consisted of head and shoulder massages, hand massages, mini manicures and more, there were also Elemis Spa products available to buy on the evening.  Further round the room were displays of beautifully decorated cupcakes for all occasions (sadly not available to eat, just to look at) and jewellery.

11133746_423876157817903_3643521104801954579_n 11101243_423876174484568_7033625132317220649_n 11102741_423876051151247_4943586084086640031_n

The evening was set up in conjunction with The Chronicle Sunshine Fund in order to raise money to provide specialised equipment to children with special needs and disabilities in the North East of England.  As a mum to a child with disabilities myself, (something i don’t talk about a great deal) I jumped at the chance to support this great event and was pleased to see that it was well supported by the women of Newcastle and that throughout the evening, the atmosphere was positive and non-waning.

thanks so much to As You Like It for inviting me, and also I must say a huge thank you to Nisha Vedhara for gifting me a gorgeous peach tulip midi skirt on the evening, I’m super grateful and absolutely love it, you’ll see me wearing it very soon!

Pixie x


To find out more about the partners involved in this event visit: